Quality and Sustainability: The Pillars of Crown Paints’ Long-Term Strategy

Rakesh Rao, Group CEO of Crown Paints Kenya PLC, the leading paint manufacturing company in East Africa, discusses Crown Paints’ long-term strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

“Our strategy revolves around quality, sustainability, and delivering a superior value proposition to our customers, ultimately providing excellent value for money. Many of our competitors operate with very thin margins and provide low-cost, lower-quality products to stay in the game. However, they often fall short in delivering true value, innovation, and quality. We are confident that as the Kenyan paint market continues to grow, quality will always prevail. There may be times when economic challenges lead people to temporarily compromise on quality due to budget constraints. But in the long run, quality is what wins. This is the strong message we stand by as a brand”, says Rakesh Rao.

“I believe as a leading paint brand, our aspiration is to achieve dominance, where our brand excels across all areas like business, profitability, customer engagement, new product innovations, and sustainability. These are the pillars we aim to prioritize in the coming two to five years. Our goal is to ensure the brand continues to thrive and remains a top brand in this country”, he adds.


  • WEBSITE: www.crownpaints.co.ke
  • ADDRESS: P.O. BOX 78848 – 00507, Likoni Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya
  • PHONE: (+254) 0202 165 703/5/6, 0203 2751
  • CALL CENTER: 0709 887 000
  • EMAILS: info@crownpaints.co.ke / sales@crownpaints.co.ke / marketing@crownpaints.co.ke





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