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Kingsway Group of Companies: Manish Shah Shares Kingsway’s Latest Business Ventures in Kenya

In this exclusive interview, Manish Shah discusses Kingsway Group of Companies’ diverse business ventures. Known for its hospitality operations such as the Village Market Mall and hotels, Kingsway also focuses on special economic zones to foster manufacturing and trade partnerships across Eastern and Central Africa. Shah highlights their innovative agro-processing initiative aimed at maximizing groundnut utilization and empowering local farmers, and outlines Kingsway’s strategic moves into electric vehicle manufacturing and fiber optics, emphasizing their commitment to sustainable growth and investment opportunities in Kenya and the region.

Transforming Logistics and Security in Kenya: A Conversation with Barrack Oyugi of Fargo Courier

In this insightful interview, Barrack Oyugi shares his journey at Fargo Courier, highlighting his role in business development and customer experience enhancement. He elaborates on how Fargo Courier distinguishes itself in the market, the recent trends and opportunities they are capitalizing on, and their strategic expansion plans within Kenya and the broader East African region. Additionally, Barrack discusses Wells Fargo’s comprehensive security services and their approach to CSR. Join us as we delve into Fargo Courier’s vision and Barrack’s instrumental role in steering the company towards sustained growth and innovation.

The Village Formula: CEO Joram Mwinamo Explains How SNDBX is Revolutionizing SME Services

In this interview, Joram Mwinamo discusses the unique concept of SNDBX – The Village Formula. Developed over 10 years of working with entrepreneurs in Nairobi, Kenya, SNDBX brings together a permanent residency of more than 37 professional disciplines under the same roof to work collaboratively side by side with entrepreneurs physically and virtually.

Discussing the Latest Investment Opportunities in Kenya with Olivia Rachier of KenInvest

Olivia Rachier discusses the latest investment opportunities in Kenya and talks about the current strategy adopted by Kenya Investment Authority to attract investments. She also shares her assessment and latest news related to the Kenyan economy, and talks about her vision as well as the next developments she has in mind as the Acting Managing Director of KenInvest.

Security Solutions: Hipora Celebrates More Than 10 Years of Loss Control Excellence in East Africa

Hipora Group is an integrated loss control and security organization that provides highly efficient and cost-effective pre-integrated business and security solutions to control losses in business, ranging from merchandise theft to pilferage, shoplifting, fraud, excessive discounting, paperwork mistakes, etc. Hipora serves a variety of sectors such as retail, manufacturing, trading, and processing industries.

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