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Kingsway Group of Companies: Manish Shah Shares Kingsway’s Latest Business Ventures in Kenya

In this exclusive interview, Manish Shah discusses Kingsway Group of Companies’ diverse business ventures. Known for its hospitality operations such as the Village Market Mall and hotels, Kingsway also focuses on special economic zones to foster manufacturing and trade partnerships across Eastern and Central Africa. Shah highlights their innovative agro-processing initiative aimed at maximizing groundnut utilization and empowering local farmers, and outlines Kingsway’s strategic moves into electric vehicle manufacturing and fiber optics, emphasizing their commitment to sustainable growth and investment opportunities in Kenya and the region.

Packaging Industry: Gavin Dehning Discusses Silafrica’s Growth Initiatives Across East Africa

In this conversation with MarcoPolis, Gavin Dehning, the Group CEO of Silafrica, a prominent packaging manufacturing company, discusses recent milestones and highlights major contracts with industry leaders Heineken and Coca Cola, offering valuable insights into the company’s strategic investments and expansive growth strategies across East Africa.

Boosting Kenya’s Horticultural Export Performance with Lightweight, Returnable, Foldable Crates

By adopting lightweight, returnable, foldable crates, stakeholders in the horticulture industry can reduce transportation costs, increase durability, and minimize environmental impact, while optimizing their export performance. Silafrica is a leading FMCG plastic packaging solutions provider in East Africa that offers a range of packaging solutions to meet the needs of different industries.

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