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Storage Central Kenya: Gerardo Segura on Pioneering Self-Storage Solutions in East Africa

In this interview, Gerardo Segura offers insights into the self-storage sector, covering its evolution, competitive landscape, and challenges. He details Storage Central Kenya’s pioneering efforts in Nairobi and East Africa, emphasizing the lack of established storage solutions before their entry, and discusses their strategy for regional expansion. Additionally, he shares the company’s customer demographics, competitive advantages, and plans for future growth.

Ramco Group: Print, Hardware, Manufacturing, Office Supplies, Services and Real Estate in Kenya and East Africa

Hasit Patel gives an overview of RAMCO Group, a conglomerate of companies operating within Kenya and East Africa, with a focus on 6 sectors: printing and packaging, hardware and building materials, manufacturing, office supplies, services and real estate. He also discusses challenges to be faced and shares his vision for the future of the Group in three years’ time.

Saracen OMD: One of East Africa’s Largest Independent Media Specialists

Lenny Ng’ang’a gives an overview of Saracen OMD, one of East Africa’s largest independent media specialists. Saracen OMD is focused on developing and providing world class media planning and buying services to leading local and international clients across the sub-region. Starting operations in 2003, Saracen OMD has grown to become one of the biggest media agencies in East Africa today.

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