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Addressing Kenya’s Healthcare Crisis: Innovative Solutions for Financing and Accessibility by Checkups Cova

In this insightful interview, we explore the pressing issues facing the healthcare sector in Kenya and Africa with Renee Ngamau, Co-Founder and President, and Dr. Moka Lantum, Co-Founder and CEO of Checkups Cova. With their extensive expertise, they discuss the state of healthcare, the financial burdens faced by citizens, and the innovative solutions Checkups Cova is implementing to make healthcare more accessible and affordable. Their pioneering approach aims to transform the healthcare landscape by embedding financial solutions into healthcare benefits, ensuring that even the most vulnerable populations can receive the care they need. Join us as we delve into their mission to revolutionize healthcare financing and accessibility in Africa.

Crown Paints Kenya Supports Initiative to Raise Funds for Education Bursary and Polio Eradication

The Rotary Club of Malindi celebrated its 32nd charter anniversary, and one of the ways they raise funds for education bursaries and polio eradication is through the Annual Malindi Marathon/Charity Walk, now in its eleventh year. Crown Paints Kenya PLC, in collaboration with Rhagib Stores, proudly supports the Malindi Marathon since its inception, as part of their commitment to business partners and CSR initiatives.

Investment Opportunity in the African Healthcare Sector: Sven Hermans Presents Ponea’s Marketplace

Sven Hermans gives an overview of Ponea’s marketplace, a platform dedicated to creating better, more timely and affordable access to healthcare in Kenya, as well as the whole African continent. He also talks about investment opportunities in the African healthcare sector, as Ponea is now looking for impact investors, corporate investors and venture capitalists to push its mission and vision forward.

Kenya Packaging Industry: Silafrica Discusses the Cost Savings of Thin Wall Packaging in Big Pharma

The market forces in the pharmaceutical industry are shifting towards more sustainable packaging options as consumers are becoming more conscious of their impact on the environment and are demanding more eco-friendly products. Pharmaceutical companies that invest in recyclable packaging will not only be able to meet consumer demands, but also stay ahead of their competitors.

SevenSeas Technologies: Michael Macharia Wins Sh1.6bn Against Kenyan Government in Cancelled IT Tender

Businessman Michael Macharia, Co-Founder of IT firm SevenSeas Technologies, has won a Sh1.6 billion award against the Kenyan government following a cancelled contract to wire 98 State hospitals. Retired judge and now arbitrator Aaron Ringera found the State at fault in terminating the Sh4.7 billion contract that demanded SevenSeas Technologies provide the technology component of the Managed Equipment Service (MES) plan.

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