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Job Description

As a part of MarcoPolis’ business development team, the selected candidate will undertake overseas missions to engage with key governmental officials, CEOs, chairpersons, and leaders of major corporations within specific countries. Their objective will be to create a distinctive e-report.

Deployed across various international markets, the candidate will spend approximately 15 days on location per mission, totaling 3-4 months annually (averaging up to 8 missions abroad per year). They will be expected to execute a minimum of 4 projects annually.

Primary Duties / Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage projects effectively.
  • Construct databases comprising key companies within each new country.
  • Coordinate interviews with top-ranking business and political figures.
  • Maintain regular communication with ministries, corporations, and other relevant entities to nurture relationships.
  • Market and sell online advertising, branding, PR, and other services to interested private and public organizations.
  • Negotiate, close deals, and offer post-purchase support to marketing department heads, marketing analysts, and corporate executives.

Required Skills & Proficiency

  • Minimum of 2 years of direct sales experience (experience in advertising, communications, or related industries is also taken into account).
  • Excellent proficiency in spoken and written English (proficiency in other languages is advantageous).
  • Demonstrated excellence in sales with a remarkable track record.
  • Completion of a degree (BA, MSc, MA).

Personal Attributes

  • Passionate about sales
  • Innate negotiator, thrives on cold calling, adept at handling client rejection
  • Team player, adaptable, energetic, diligent, self-reliant
  • Confident demeanor
  • Presents oneself exceptionally well
  • Interest in project management
  • Keen awareness of current international affairs
  • Capability to travel 3-4 months annually (missions lasting 1 to 3 weeks)


MarcoPolis is a leading press and communications agency specializing in dynamic executive business reviews tailored to individual countries. Established in 1997, the company has become a leading business hub, offering an array of interactive content designed to inform and inspire business leaders and decision-makers worldwide, with an extensive Country Reports portfolio spanning regions across the globe.

Our team of journalists has conducted in-depth interviews with over 20 Presidents and Prime Ministers, including notable figures such as Jacques Chirac, Hugo Chavez, Rafic Hariri, and Nelson Mandela. Additionally, we have engaged with over 300 Ministers and approximately 6000 CEOs across 24 countries, providing unparalleled access to key insights and perspectives.

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