Trailblazing Self-Storage in East Africa: Storage Central Kenya’s Journey and Vision

Gerardo Segura, CEO of Storage Central Kenya, gives an overview of the self-storage sector in Nairobi and shares his vision for establishing Storage Central as the leading chain across East Africa.

“Our focus is on the self-storage sector, which was largely undeveloped in Nairobi and East Africa until our entry. Previously, storage solutions were primarily handled by moving companies, security firms, and a few international movers, none of which offered the scale, precision, and customer-centric service characteristic of established markets like Europe and the USA. Recognizing the opportunity, we pioneered the self-storage industry in Kenya with the goal of becoming the leading chain throughout East Africa”, says Gerardo Segura.

“Self-storage is a mature industry globally, originating in the US in the early 1970s and currently valued at approximately $60 billion in that market alone. Over time, it has expanded to encompass Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Australia, but until recently, it had yet to gain traction in East Africa. I firmly believe in the advantages of being a first mover in a burgeoning market. Previously, I founded Más Espacio, a successful self-storage company in Argentina that has grown to encompass multiple large facilities across the region. Seeing a similar opportunity in East Africa due to rapid urbanization, a burgeoning consumer base, and significant logistical challenges faced by SMEs, we launched our operations in Nairobi”, he adds.

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