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Storage Central Kenya: Gerardo Segura on Pioneering Self-Storage Solutions in East Africa

In this interview, Gerardo Segura offers insights into the self-storage sector, covering its evolution, competitive landscape, and challenges. He details Storage Central Kenya’s pioneering efforts in Nairobi and East Africa, emphasizing the lack of established storage solutions before their entry, and discusses their strategy for regional expansion. Additionally, he shares the company’s customer demographics, competitive advantages, and plans for future growth.

Security Solutions: Hipora Celebrates More Than 10 Years of Loss Control Excellence in East Africa

Hipora Group is an integrated loss control and security organization that provides highly efficient and cost-effective pre-integrated business and security solutions to control losses in business, ranging from merchandise theft to pilferage, shoplifting, fraud, excessive discounting, paperwork mistakes, etc. Hipora serves a variety of sectors such as retail, manufacturing, trading, and processing industries.

Discussing Law Practice in Africa with AB and David, the Only African Law Firm with Lexcel Accreditation

David Ofosu-Dorte talks about the main focus at AB and David Law, a business law firm which assists 24 African countries to ensure businesses and projects succeed by helping clients minimize the risks associated with doing business in Africa. AB and David earned the distinction as the first African law firm to be awarded the England Law Society Lexcel accreditation, which is a mark of the highest standard in law practice.

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