Location, Quality and Value: Ann Brewin Discusses Clifton Homes’ Competitive Advantages

Ann Brewin, CEO of leading property development company Clifton Homes, discusses competitive advantages. Since inception in 2010, Clifton Homes has been Ghana’s fastest growing
residential developer, aiming to bring greater quality with better value to the residential home market.

“Clifton Homes’ competitive advantage has always stemmed from three things which have not really changed much over the last decade. It is location, quality and value. And with every development that we launch and deliver, we try to evolve that proposition to make sure that we are always delivering the best combination of those three things. Having said that, you can have a fantastic product and it means nothing to our clients if it is not delivered reliably. So, that is also key to our competitive advantage. That our clients can invest with confidence, knowing that we will deliver their home to them on time as planned”, says Ann Brewin.

“I am pleased to say I am sat here in the Lennox, in Airport Residential, which is one of our developments where construction started just before the pandemic hit and caused all kinds of challenges for everybody globally and yet I am pleased to say that we were still able to deliver this project on time to our clients, handing over their keys within contractual deadline. And that is really important to us at Clifton Homes, it is our number one priority. Not just creating and designing a beautiful and high-value product for our clients but making sure it is delivered on time, reliably”, she adds.

ABOUT THE LENNOX: The Lennox is located in prime Airport Residential, offering stylish suites and apartments accompanied by exemplary wellness facilities. Whether you are looking for a short-term stay or a long-term rental, Clifton Homes’ range of properties and services provide luxury urban living in the heart of Accra.


  • OFFICE: 34 Senchi Street, Airport Residential, Accra
  • PHONE: +233 (0)20 467 7033 / +233 (0)30 278 6726
  • EMAIL: info@cliftonghana.com





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