Loxwood House: Clifton Homesʼ Latest Real Estate Development in Tetteh Quarshie

Ann Brewin, CEO of Clifton Homes, explains what makes Loxwood House a unique real estate development in Accra.

“Loxwood House is our most recent development and it encompasses the core elements of all of our previous projects, which are price, location, and quality. Then, it also brings some new design elements to our offering which we are quite excited about. The location, which is at Tetteh Quarshie interchange, is at the very heart of Accra. You cannot get more connected. It is excellent for getting in and around Accra also beyond a car because of the motorway. Most importantly, it is just 10 minutes from the airport so the connections outside of the country are very strong as well. That convenience of the location really drives professional owners, professional tenants, not just locally but internationally. So, that location is very key to the development. It is just in between Airport Residential and East Legon. These are two very high-end areas of Accra, but they are diverse, they have a very different feel about them, very different facilities. It is a nice location to be between those different areas and also have the good transport links out and around the city. Obviously, price is always important for us. We want to give our customers value for money. The price for that location is fantastic. The suites start at $69,000 – though we do not have many of those left now – the one-bedroom apartments start at $115,000, and the two-bedroom apartments start at $189,000. So, it really does represent great value for that location. The third aspect of those core elements is quality which is always paramount for our customers and for us. It is not just about precision finishing in the apartments. It runs through everything in the design process from day one. It means quality in the exterior design, in the communal areas, and in the wellbeing facilities for our residents. That is where Lockwood House has some really special features. It has two rooftop pools and terraces overlooking the city and a 200 square meter skyline gym with panoramic views on the 12th floor. Those extras are really nice in creating a unique urban city living experience. We also refer to Loxwood House as being calm and connected. The calm comes from the design of the building. We have two complex building wings which creates a communal garden on the ground floor which will be green and spacious and totally car free as all our communal gardens are. That calmness and the connectivity is a winning formula for tenants and owners and it creates a strong proposition for both groups”, says Ann Brewin.

ABOUT CLIFTON HOMES: In 2021, Clifton Homes celebrated a decade of real estate development in Accra. In that time, Clifton has been the fastest growing developer in Ghana, completing 8 projects on time within buyer’s contractual deadlines, most recently Embassy Gardens in Cantonments. Clifton Homes is proud of its track record and ongoing commitment to delivery. A key contributing factor to the company’s delivery, apart from plain hard work, is its integrated model which provides control over timings and quality throughout the build programme. Clifton Homes manages its projects from design conception through to post-handover facilities management and that means its long-term interests are aligned with the buyer’s. The company is currently developing Loxwood House, an example of modern urban living located at the very heart of Accra.


  • OFFICE: 34 Senchi Street, Airport Residential, Accra
  • PHONE: +233 (0)20 467 7033 / +233 (0)30 278 6726
  • EMAIL: info@cliftonghana.com





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