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Doing Business in Ghana: ARG 1 Africa Partners with Harvard Business School and Ashesi University

2023 started off with a collaboration between Harvard Business School and ARG 1 Africa. The latter was the project partner to support an eager group of second-year MBA students in the Immersive Field Course: “Ghana; Doing Business Across Africa”. The project set to highlight the many opportunities and potential challenges for students interested in business on the African continent, which is part of a broader umbrella of IFCs at Harvard.

Executive Profile: Roni Gaby Mattouk, Founder and CEO of Ghana Elevator Engineering Company ARG 1

Roni Gaby Mattouk has been the Founder and CEO of ARG1, one of the leaders in the elevator engineering sector in Ghana, since October 2010. Mr. Mattouk is a highly motivated entrepreneur, who encompasses over 15 years of managerial expertise. He was also involved in other companies of high repute, thus assisting in accelerating his gain in know-how and accomplishments.

ARG 1 Africa: Supplying and Servicing Hundreds of Moving Installations Across Ghana and West Africa

ARG 1 is a Ghanaian multidisciplined engineering contracting company. Headquartered in Accra, ARG 1 has evolved into a strong and trusted company supplying and servicing hundreds of vertical and horizontal moving installations across the West Africa sub-region, including elevators, escalators, moving walkways, dumbwaiters, platforms, car lifts and airport passenger bridges.

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