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Swami India Ghana Ltd: Pioneering Excellence in Housing and Property Development

Established in 2013, Swami India Ghana Ltd is a subsidiary of SenegIndia SA in Senegal and Swami Holding Limited in the UAE, incorporated in 2009 and 2019, respectively. As a privately owned diversified real estate company, Swami India Ghana Ltd aims to offer housing solutions to clients seeking to invest in quality properties across Ghana. The company is driven by an internal team of talented professionals whose combined breadth of experience spans all areas of real estate development.

Ghana Real Estate: Kantilal Hirani on Swami India Ghana’s Influence and Future Direction

Delve into the dynamic world of Ghana’s real estate sector with an exclusive interview featuring Kantilal Hirani, Managing Director of Swami India Ghana Ltd. Join us as we explore his unique insights, unveiling the impact and visionary direction of Swami India Ghana Ltd in shaping the landscape of real estate in Ghana.

Elias Abou Samra Talks Riyadh’s Urban Evolution and RAFAL’s Vision to Transform the Cityscape

Step into the realm of Riyadh’s urban metamorphosis with Elias Abou Samra as he delves into the city’s evolving landscape and RAFAL’s pivotal role in shaping its future. Learn about the dynamic changes sweeping across the Saudi Arabian real estate sector and how RAFAL is adapting to meet the demands of a rapidly transforming urban environment.

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