Global Economic Downturn: Ann Brewin Unveils Clifton Homes’ Resilience and Reliability

Ann Brewin, CEO of Clifton Homes, Ghana’s premier residential developer, explains how the recent global economic downturn has impacted Clifton Homes.

“In terms of how the recent global economic downturn has impacted Clifton Homes, in many ways it has just made us more focused on some of the attributes that have always been a priority to us, and that is reliability and resilience. For any business in any industry, the last few years have brought all kinds of unexpected challenges. Firstly, in terms of the COVID pandemic and then straight afterwards the economic downturn. For us in construction that has had huge implications in terms of inflation, supply chain disruption and currency fluctuations here in Ghana. So, we have had to manage all of that, but as far as I am concerned, if you want to be in any industry over the long term, you have to expect some unexpected challenges along the way and have a business model that can be resilient through those times. There is no point in having a business model that only works when times are good and that really underpins the way we approach our strategic planning and strategic foresight at Clifton Homes. So that prudent and robust planning does not just happen on the construction site, it starts at head office where our finance team, legal team and procurement team all work together to ensure a business model that protects our clients’ investments”, says Ann Brewin.

“Another consequence of the recent global economic turmoil has actually been that more people are looking at the Ghanaian real estate industry as a safe investment option given the track record of high returns. That is great for us, we have had two record years in a row, and we plan to keep growing. One last element I would like to mention in terms of how we have dealt with the economic turbulence of the last year or two is to prioritize our employees. The economic conditions have created many personal challenges for people, and it is a priority for us as the management team at Clifton Homes to make sure that our employees feel recognized and rewarded throughout those periods of uncertainty. Ultimately, that is how we end up growing long term”, she adds.


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