Real Estate Sector in Ghana: Vision for the Future of Clifton Homes by Ann Brewin

Ann Brewin, CEO of Clifton Homes, shares her vision for the future of the company in the medium term.

“We are on our seventh development now. Each one has been an evolution from the previous one and I want that to continue. We have a pipeline set up for the next 5 to 8 years and we always want to be offering our clients something better and different. Our vision is to respond to the way the wider real estate landscape is changing in Accra and perhaps beyond Accra as well in the country at large. We want to help mold that real estate landscape in a positive way and help clients to have higher expectations of what they should get from the development community. It is happening already. People are becoming more demanding of developers in terms of delivering on time, delivering good quality, and delivering straightforward and honest service. All these things we have always strived to provide, but now, we can see the clients are raising their expectations and demanding it from us and our competitors. That is a good thing and it should be that way. Over the next 3 to 5 years, we want to meet those expectations as clients demand more from us and offer something different in each development so that we are creating incremental value and making a better product as we go along”, says Ann Brewin.


  • OFFICE: 34 Senchi Street, Airport Residential, Accra
  • PHONE: +233 (0)20 467 7033 / +233 (0)30 278 6726
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