Accra’s Largest Residential Real Estate Developer Clifton Homes Celebrates 10 Years of Development

Accra’s Largest Residential Real Estate Developer Clifton Homes Celebrates 10 Years of Development

This year marks Clifton Homes’ 10 Year Anniversary. It’s been a decade of rapid growth in which the company has become Accra’s largest residential real estate developer. So far, Clifton Homes has delivered 7 projects in the capital of Ghana, each one on schedule and each one encompassing the company’s trademark combination of price, location and quality. This track record of delivering on client commitments has resulted in exceptional rates of recommendations and repeat purchasers. In an often turbulent marketplace where many real estate projects stall for years on end, Clifton Homes has carved out a reputation for consistency and reliability.

Clifton Homes’ proposition “Beautiful Homes, Wise Investments” is reflected in its real estate developments. Stylish designs, high quality interior finishing and first class wellbeing facilities are standard. But Clifton Homes recognises that savvy clients don’t just want a beautiful home, their investment must also make sound commercial sense – be that via optimising their capital, future asset appreciation or high yield rental returns. Clifton Homes offers market leading prices in Accra’s most prestigious neighbourhoods, with price points well below the market average. The competitive price points help customers optimise their capital and reduce investment risk. For buy-to-let investors the combination of low capital outlay and prime locations (with high tenant demand) drives excellent rental yields.

Clifton Homes develops, designs, constructs and markets its properties, then also manages them post occupancy via its FM subsidiary. “This gives us optimal control over timelines and quality, and has been essential to us delivering our projects on schedule and maintaining standards post handover” says CEO Ann Brewin. “It means our interests are intrinsically linked with those of our clients – for the long term, not just up until the point of sale or handover”.

A common theme in Clifton Homes’ recent real estate developments has been their philosophy of supporting “Urban Wellbeing”. Recognizing the inherent stresses of city living, and the power of the physical environment to improve health and happiness, the Clifton Homes development team places huge emphasis on resident wellbeing. This philosophy is clearly evident at the recently completed Embassy Gardens in Cantonments, where an acre of leafy communal gardens and pools greet residents. The lush gardens are overlooked by a dual storey wellness complex housing 250sqm gym, yoga studio and a boutique café serving up a healthy array of fresh smoothies and snacks. In a car-centric city, the development offers a welcome car-free sanctuary, with all vehicles parked discreetly underground. “With the COVID pandemic and city lockdowns around the world, 2020 has really highlighted the importance of thoughtful residential design in an urban setting. We believe the home environment can have a huge impact on mental and physical wellbeing, and endeavor to create residential communities that make a positive contribution to our residents’ health and happiness” says Ann Brewin.

Clifton Homes in Ghana

Close on the heels of Embassy Gardens, Clifton Homes’ most recent project, The Lennox, is currently selling fast in Airport Residential. It too places emphasis on excellent wellbeing facilities and green space, but also incorporates a stunning rooftop pool terrace and a Business Centre for resident use. The top floor Duplexes have already sold out, but a limited number of Suites (from $79,950) and Apartments (from $129,950) remain for sale, representing excellent value given the exclusive location on Patrice Lumumba Road.

The past decade has seen immense change in Accra’s real estate landscape, and Clifton Homes has been instrumental in that evolution. “In ten years, buyer expectations in Accra have risen sharply, but we welcome that change and are proud if we have contributed to it” says the Clifton Homes CEO. “We have a culture of continual improvement and intend to keep refining and evolving our proposition, always aiming to deliver optimal value to our clients. The past decade has been transformative for Accra’s real estate landscape, but that doesn’t mean the next ten years can’t be just as exciting.”


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