Momentum and Integrity: Ann Brewin Shares Clifton Homes’ Core Values and Philosophy

Ann Brewin, CEO of Clifton Homes, shares her core values and philosophy when it comes to work, discussing the importance of integrity, hard work and keeping momentum.

“In terms of my philosophy on work, it is really about always wanting to have integrity in what we do here, being proud of what we do, and understanding that a lot of the results come from pure, hard work. Always do today what you need to do. Do not leave it for tomorrow. Keep momentum up with the business and do not be scared of hard work. It is a team effort here at Clifton Homes. That philosophy is ingrained in our culture here. We have momentum and integrity in what we do. Also, when we get things wrong, which everybody does, then we take responsibility for that and just own it and make amends and try and resolve issues when they arise. It is all fairly simple, really. Above all else, we are just enjoying our jobs”, says Ann Brewin.

ABOUT CLIFTON HOMES: In 2021, Clifton Homes celebrated a decade of real estate development in Accra. In that time, Clifton has been the fastest growing developer in Ghana, completing 8 projects on time within buyer’s contractual deadlines, most recently Embassy Gardens in Cantonments. Clifton Homes is proud of its track record and ongoing commitment to delivery. A key contributing factor to the company’s delivery, apart from plain hard work, is its integrated model which provides control over timings and quality throughout the build programme. Clifton Homes manages its projects from design conception through to post-handover facilities management and that means its long-term interests are aligned with the buyer’s. The company is currently developing Loxwood House, an example of modern urban living located at the very heart of Accra.


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