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Navigating Growth and Innovation: Unveiling Jean-Paul Feghali’s Vision for Imexco Ghana

Meet Jean-Paul Feghali, the visionary CEO of Imexco Ghana Limited. Leading the company since its establishment in 1990, Jean-Paul has diversified Imexco’s focus from commodities to a diverse portfolio, including IT and manufacturing. With nearly 1000 employees, Imexco operates in distribution, importation, and serves as agents for leading global brands.

Competition, Regulation and Excessive Pricing of Medicines by Thula Kaira of AB & David Zambia

Following the example of countries such as Ghana, the Government of Zambia promoted the establishment of the National Health Insurance Management Authority [NHIMA] to spearhead universal health access, notably to the underprivileged. A common problem has been that the private health insurance providers [PHIPs] have not been able to guarantee universal and affordable healthcare.

“Is Africa Cross-Border Lending Under Threat?” by Akosua Akowuah of AB & David Africa

The decision of the High Court in Uganda in the recent case of HAM ENTERPRISES V DIAMOND TRUST BANK (U) AND DIAMOND TRUST BANK (K) LTD has sent the financial sector reeling for cover. Incidentally, the controversial decision in Ham’s case was made at a time when an increase in potential cross-border lending in Africa was anticipated; and the continent was in transition buoyed by the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA).

Securitization: Business Law Firm AB & David Africa Discusses Loan Repayment and Collateral in Ghana

Availability of credit and at competitive prices are major factors that promote the growth of businesses. Two of the main problems that face Ghana’s small and medium-scale enterprises are the unavailability of credit and the cost of credit. A critical look at this problem reveals that it is not primarily unavailability but rather, the conditions for accessing available credit that most entities are unable to meet.

Bullying: The Monster at the Workplace by Pan-African Business Law Firm AB and David

This article by Vera Owusu Osei of Pan-African business law firm AB & David, discusses bullying in the workplace, looking at its various forms and implications. It also discusses cyber bullying in the light of remote working. The article will look at Ghana’s regulatory framework on the subject and proposes some measures that workers can adopt when bullied. It then concludes with suggestions on the way forward.

Frustration Versus Force Majeure by Multi-Specialist Pan-African Business Law Firm AB & David

The terms frustration and force majeure tend to be used interchangeably in relation to the inability of a party to perform his or her contractual obligations. This short write-up by Ferdinand D. Adadzi, Partner at multi-specialist pan-African business law firm AB & David, explains what is meant when a contract is frustrated as against when a contract is affected by a force majeure event.

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