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Ghana’s President Mahama: Loved Abroad, Isolated at Home

Between 2012 and 2014, Ghana’s economic fortunes slipped from better to good resulting in increased disaffection against President Mahama and his government. The cedi depreciation, the energy crisis, frequent increments in fuel prices, cost of utilities, cost of doing business and the frequent emergence of issues of corruptions and judgment debts turned people’s anger against the government and the otherwise affable President Mahama.

Ghana’s Economy in 2015: Three Years Under President Mahama

For a leader who shot to the peak of his political career – the Presidency – through the untimely demise of his boss, getting the love and sympathy of the people in his first days in office was guaranteed. Ghana’s President John Dramani Mahama knows that very well. For once, the politically polarised nation dumped the usual politicking on the streets and media space to grieve and extol the virtues of the late law professor.

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