Embassy Gardens: A High-Quality Development Located in Cantonments, Accra

Ann Brewin, CEO of Clifton Homes, presents Embassy Gardens, a high-quality development located in Cantonments, Accra.

“Our product in general is based on one key principle which is to ensure that customers do not have to compromise. This sounds very nice but what that really means is stylish, well-designed properties that are in central locations at a sensible price. What we have seen in Accra is that quite often people have to compromise on their commute to work. They have to accept a two hour commute into work in order to afford a property that meets their criteria in terms of quality and standards. Or, they have to spend a million dollars to live somewhere centrally in the location they want, quite often even when the quality is not good. So, our aim has always been to try and tick those three boxes. Our properties tend to be 20-30% cheaper than anything else in the same area. The quality is always under our control because we do the construction in house. The interiors element is always done in house with our same team, many of whom have been with us for 6 to 7 years. Also, with location, to date, all our projects have been in central, prime areas such as Cantonments. That is the combination we are always looking for. In the case of Embassy Gardens, our most recent project, we have ticked all those boxes. It is 500 meters away from the US embassy. It is the most desirable location you can get in the city. We have made a number of changes. In every project we try to improve upon and learn from what we have done. We are very happy with the quality and design of the project. All of our clients get to view their apartment before making their final payment and make sure that they are happy with the quality and the finishings. The prices are incredibly competitive for that area. When we launched, we were selling studio apartments there for around the $80,000 mark. We have ticked those boxes for our product and then, where we have tried to go over and above with Embassy Gardens has been in the facilities. We refer a lot to designing for well-being. The city is changing. There is increased density, everyone knows about the traffic in Accra, and as the city has developed, people’s lifestyles have changed as well. The real estate sector has not necessarily responded fast enough to keep up with that. So, we try to design developments that are an antidote to that city life outside. At Embassy Gardens, all the cars are underground. If you are in Embassy Gardens you cannot see a car. That is very important when most people are spending one to two hours at least in the car every day. They look out their window and they can see and hear the traffic. It is non-stop. Embassy Gardens is designed in a courtyard structure way, with three sets of communal gardens, amounting to a full acre, each with a swimming pool. Also, part of that for us is about promoting well-being and a healthy lifestyle. Again, these dynamics are very familiar to people all over the world in developing cities. People walk less, they exercise less, they eat less healthily. Real estate has a role in responding to these socio-economic factors. At Embassy Gardens, we have a 350 square meter dual-story wellness complex. It has a gym, yoga, a spa, and three swimming pools. We hope that by creating these kinds of developments, that people’s lifestyles will actually benefit from them, that they will use them as a regular part of their weekly routine. That is a vision for us that we can help mold people’s behaviors via the physical surroundings that they live in”, says Ann Brewin.


  • OFFICE: 34 Senchi Street, Airport Residential, Accra
  • PHONE: +233 (0)20 467 7033 / +233 (0)30 278 6726
  • EMAIL: info@cliftonghana.com





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