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Navigating Growth and Innovation: Unveiling Jean-Paul Feghali’s Vision for Imexco Ghana

Meet Jean-Paul Feghali, the visionary CEO of Imexco Ghana Limited. Leading the company since its establishment in 1990, Jean-Paul has diversified Imexco’s focus from commodities to a diverse portfolio, including IT and manufacturing. With nearly 1000 employees, Imexco operates in distribution, importation, and serves as agents for leading global brands.

Nicholas Bortey Presents Liranz Limited: The Premier IT Support and Outsourcing Provider in Ghana

Nicholas Bortey presents Liranz Limited, the premier IT support and outsourcing provider in Ghana, offering a wide range of IT services to various sectors (oil and gas, farming, energy, mining, etc.), such as: managed IT services, IT consulting, IT infrastructure and communication and IT procurement and management. He also discusses his ambition to turn Liranz into a global IT consultancy and outsourcing firm in the next few years.

Providing Deep Insight Into Global Youth Audiences: Lucia Brawley and Derrick Ashong Present AMP Global

Lucia Brawley and Derrick Ashong discuss the problems faced by media companies when it comes to targeting, measuring and understanding audiences, and give an overview of the solution provided by AMP Global, whose goal is to build passionate communities around high-quality content, providing brands and media companies with deep insight into global youth audiences.

Out of Home Advertising in Ghana: Norbert Rufu Presents DDP Outdoor, the Market Leader in Outdoor Advertising

Norbert Rufu shares his assessment of the out of home advertising sector in Ghana and presents DDP Outdoor. The company is the market leader in outdoor advertising in Ghana. It was established in 1973 with emphasis on out of home advertising, billboard production and installation, production of point of sale materials, exhibition building/display, wide format digital printing, etc.

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