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THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT FOR PATIENTS AND FAMILIES AT NYAHO MEDICAL CENTRE ― Ghana's healthcare leader Nyaho Medical Centre is thrilled to announce the expansion and enhancement of its current
After 47 years of delivering quality healthcare, Nyaho Medical Centre, the first private group medical practice in Ghana, opened its first satellite clinic in the business center of the capital of
Earlier in June, Nana Akufo-Addo announced that the mandate of his administration is to lay foundations to the most business-friendly and people-friendly economy in Africa, which will create jobs
The use of e-bills pay, an electronic payment system that enables large corporate institutions to receive payment via the internet or mobile applications, can reduce the human interface and help
According to Archie Hesse, a concerted effort is required to populate Ghana with many point of sales (POS) and other electronic payment channels. He said the State, stakeholder institutions and


The top 10 list of the most profitable companies in Ghana is compiled and published by the research team. The numerical rankings are calculated from the latest economic reports, Continue