Challenges of Clifton Homes, One of Ghana’s Most Trusted Real Estate Developers

Ann Brewin, CEO of Clifton Homes, explains what are the major challenges to be faced in the real estate sector as a developer.

“One of the key challenges for us because we do our own construction will always be the long lead times in the construction sector. You cannot build a major development in two months, so there is always the risk of future planning and foreseeing challenges as they come up. But that has always been the case and it always will be the case in real estate. In terms of our company in particular, one of the challenges for us is the way that we have grown over the last 8 years. It has not been a linear growth. We go through growth spurts where we launch a new development and we might acquire 100 plus new clients in one or two days at a launch. We hope that is a challenge that we will continue to face going forward. It is a nice challenge to have, but it means that we always need to be prepared for those growth spurts and we need to make sure that our team is strong enough that service quality and provision do not falter at those periods of high growth. Also, internally, it is important to me as CEO that we maintain our corporate culture as we grow. We have a very meritocratic system here, whether it is on the construction site or our FM team here at the head office. People are given the independence to use their initiative and stand on their own two feet. As we grow, we need to find more and more people that fit in and absorb that culture. Ultimately, that is how we drive value in the business, by having a huge number of dedicated, professional people working together towards a common goal. That is where we are differentiated from developers that have contractors coming in and out for a few months here and there. We get that intangible added value in our business from our people. It will always be a challenge to maintain that and grow it, but it is one of my key priorities”, says Ann Brewin.


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