DPS International Ghana: Providing Solid Educational Foundations for a Bright Future

DPS International Ghana: Providing Solid Educational Foundations for a Bright Future

Originally established in 2010, DPSI Ghana has always striven to provide second-to-none educational resources to children throughout the nation and across neighbouring countries. Leveraging proven teaching techniques alongside innovative technology, students will benefit from all of the latest resources while simultaneously enjoying a decidedly holistic learning experience. Parents who are satisfied with nothing less than the best for their children will be immensely pleased with what this international school in Ghana has to offer.

Service Before Self

“Service before self” perfectly encapsulates the aims of this international school in Tema. Founded by renowned philanthropist Mukesh Thakwani, nothing is left to chance in regards to comprehensive levels of quality education. It is therefore no surprise that Mr. Thakwani was recently awarded the coveted Ghana Entrepreneur and Executive Award due to his steadfast pursuit of excellence. Thankfully, this very same dedication will translate to all DPSI students.

World-Class Education for Tomorrow’s Leaders

One of the aspects which has served to define this international school in Ghana involves the types of courses that are offered. Catering to students from creche class through to A-levels, a wealth of knowledge is presented in such a manner as to provide children with the tools required for long-term success. These include:

• The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)
• Preparation for engineering and medical entrance examinations
• A comprehensive introduction to the International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
• Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
• Familiarising students with SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) requirements

When we then take into account that approximately 39 percent of Ghanaians are under the age of 15, it becomes clear to see that properly educating the younger generation will immensely benefit the country from a long-term perspective. Having said this, DPS International Ghana is likewise focused upon providing students with access to professional opportunities throughout the international community.

Recognised and Respected Scholastic Affiliations

Centres for education are often judged upon their accreditations and affiliations. Thankfully, DPSI has been recognised by some of the most respected domestic and global institutions.

DPS International works in tandem with the Ghana Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and it offers students the ability to enrol in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education programme highlighted earlier. As the IGCSE framework is recognised by some of the most well-known universities and multinational corporations in the world, obtaining this certification can open up a plethora of future opportunities.

Teaching Life Skills: One Student at a Time

Whether referring to creche pupils or A and AS levels of secondary education, this international school in Tema addresses the needs of students through a personalised approach. This is then augmented with proprietary scholastic assessment programmes in order to identify strengths and weaknesses at an early stage. These goals are not always possible to achieve within more generic learning institutions.

Smart Solutions for Scholastic Excellence

DPS International combines the methods outlined above with amenities such as spacious classrooms, fully equipped laboratories, technologically enhanced settings, and state-of-the art computer facilities. The end result is that students can take full advantage of a quality education; presenting even more possibilities for future achievement.

Parents or caregivers who wish to learn more are encouraged to contact a DPSI representative at their convenience. Thanks to this institution alongside the philanthropy of B5 Plus Founder and CEO Mukesh Thakwani, obtaining a first-rate education has never been more of a distinct possibility.


  • WEBSITE: dpsghana.edu.gh
  • ADDRESS: DPS International Ghana, Community 25, Tema, Ghana
  • CONTACT: (+233) 55 662 0540 / (+233) 54 435 3199 / (+233) 54 434 9579
  • EMAIL: dpsghana@yahoo.com





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