DPS International Ghana: Education is the Best Thing to Give Back to Society

Tanya Thakwani, First Lady at DPS International Ghana, discusses the importance of education and giving back to society.

“My husband and I came to Ghana 22 years ago and I wanted to become a teacher. I got certified and my husband told me he would open a school and 10 years later he did. He believes that education is the best thing to give back to society, so that is why he started DPSI. It has been a great experience and I am really happy when I see how the children are growing. DPSI is our baby. The DPSI Care Foundation was started by my son, Vishal Thakwani, in 2017 when he saw that there were people who were suffering. He also learned from his father, Mukesh Thakwani, the Founder and CEO of B5 Plus, which is giving free oxygen to hospitals”, says Tanya Thakwani.

ABOUT DPSI GHANA: DPSI was commenced in the year 2010 aiming for quality education and excellent learning, providing holistic, modern, comprehensive, technology-driven classes right from Creche to A Level. With the motto “Service Beyond Self”, DPSI strives to excel the needs of children in Ghana and its neighbouring countries.


  • WEBSITE: dpsghana.edu.gh
  • ADDRESS: DPS International Ghana, Community 25, Tema, Ghana
  • CONTACT: (+233) 55 662 0540 / (+233) 54 435 3199 / (+233) 54 434 9579
  • EMAIL: dpsghana@yahoo.com





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