Kibo Africa: Quality Motorcycles Designed in the Netherlands, Assembled in Kenya

Huib Van De Grijspaarde, CEO of Kibo Africa, explains what makes Kibo motorcycles stand out from the competition.

Huib Van De Grijspaarde, CEO of Kibo Africa, explains what makes Kibo motorcycles stand out from the competition.

“What makes us stand out is that our products are designed for Africa. We spent two years doing field research in East Africa to understand what motorcycle users need in terms of their bikes and what came out of that is that it is mostly a utility vehicle. A motorcycle is an investment to generate revenue and generate a living. We all know about the motorcycle taxi industry across sub-Saharan Africa, but we do not focus on that, we sell a higher quality and more expensive bike. The long-term strategy will take us to more affordable products that will be accessible in the market. What stands out is the design of the bike. A very strong, long-lasting frame, big wheels, very tough tires, good suspension, and a lot of ground clearance. It translates into a vehicle that can be used on the road, off road, carry heavy payloads, is efficient in its fuel consumption and does not have high maintenance costs. Yes, the initial cash down is a little bit higher than what we call in Kenya the ‘mass market’ motorcycles, which are mostly imported from India and China, but once you own it, the operating costs are relatively low and the longevity of the product will help you earn back that investment over time”, says Huib Van De Grijspaarde.

ABOUT KIBO: In 2011, while traveling in Africa, Huib Van De Grijspaarde created Kibo bikes with the ambitious objective of providing safe and reliable mobility for everyone. The idea was to build a commercially viable bike designed with the East African terrain in mind. In 2017, Kibo launched the first bike designed in the Netherlands, assembled in Kenya: the Kibo K150. This became the first purpose-built workhorse built to help East African riders to pursue their dreams. This was later followed by the K160 and the K250 which introduced more power, more performance and a more robust experience for the discerning rider. Since then, Kibo has opened a number of retail centres and service centres across the country, giving Kibo riders one of the most reliable aftersales support in the industry.

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