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Silafrica, the leading manufacturer of FMCG packaging solutions in East Africa, is proud to announce that our foldable export crates for fruit and vegetables, a game changing solution in the
Rakesh Rao is an award-winning business executive credited with delivering high-impact leadership and next-level business performance. Over the last 15 years, he has matured Crown Paints PLC into an
Marking the start of Customer Service week, Crown Paints PLC Kenya entered a strategic partnership with I&M Bank, in a move that will see authorized paint dealers and customers access quick
Historically, resource consumption has been correlated with the economic development of a society. This has led to emergence of wasteful practices in global production and consumption with little
From the World Bank 2021 report, Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, produces 2400 tons of solid waste daily. Out of this, 840 tons is plastic waste. Only 45% of the total waste is recycled or

Discover the top 10 list of the largest companies in Kenya, compiled and published by the MarcoPolis research team. The list includes companies such as Safaricom, East African Breweries, Equity Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank, British American Tobacco, etc. Continue