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In latest news Car and General CEO, Vijay Gidoomal, gives outlook for the company in East Africa

In the latest news interview Vijay Gidoomal gives an overview of Car and General, a holding company engaged in the supply of generators, motorcycles, three-wheelers, automotive products, but also real estate, finance, poultry, etc., in East Africa. For 85 years, Car and General has been behind a wide range of power generation, automotive and engineering products throughout the region, operating mainly in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Doing Business in Kenya During COVID: An Exclusive Interview with Aashit Shah of Kingsway Tyres

Aashit Shah discusses doing business in Kenya during COVID and talks about the impacts of the pandemic on the different companies of the Kingsway Group, including Kingsway Tyres, Tribe Hotel, Trademark Hotel and the Village Market. He also shares his plans regarding tyre centers and talks about his inspiration and philosophy.

Delivery Sector in Kuwait: Porter Express to Become a Dominant Last Mile and Fulfillment Provider in the Region

Porter Express is a courier and fulfillment service provider in Kuwait. It offers technologically advanced courier and fulfillment solutions to SMEs and corporations allowing them to focus on what matters most to them. The company is now looking forward to becoming a dominant last mile and fulfillment provider in the region.

Aviation Industry: Discussing Ground and Air Cargo Handling Services with Mrisho Yassin of Swissport Tanzania

Mrisho Yassin shares his assessment of the aviation industry in Tanzania and discusses ground and air cargo handling services. He also presents Swissport Tanzania, a subsidiary of Swissport International Limited, which is specialized in aviation services, providing airport ground and cargo handling services.

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