Ghana Education: DPS International Ghana to Prepare the Leaders of Tomorrow

Mukesh Thakwani, Founder and CEO of leading steel products manufacturer B5 Plus Ltd and Founder of DPSI Ghana, talks giving back to society and explains how the school is preparing the leaders of tomorrow.

“B5 Plus always gives back to the society in multiple ways. We believe that education is the best form. We have been organizing a lot of blood camps, medical camps, eye camps, sports camps, supporting various organizations. We are also the promoter of DPS International school in Tema, which is one of the best schools being awarded by many institutions, and we are very proud to say that this year, again, we were the top in the IGCSC schools and out of 32 awards, DPS won 14 awards at the national level. Currently, the interschool competitions are going on. We are also the champion of badminton, table tennis, swimming, and many more competitions. We are the current champion of the Spelling Bee competition, art competition, and many others which we have one this year. It was a celebration for the students. It was making them proud of what they had achieved and everyone who made it to the top in the academic or non-academic fields were awarded for that. There was a cultural program as well by the students, to show that DPS International Ghana is not only about academic, it is also involved with the extracurricular activities, where we excel upon and give back to the society to prepare the leaders of tomorrow”, says Mukesh Thakwani.


  • ADDRESS: DPS International Ghana, Community 25, Tema, Ghana
  • CONTACT: (+233) 55 662 0540 / (+233) 54 435 3199 / (+233) 54 434 9579
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