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Jadeite’s Proposals Portal to Empower Passionate Entrepreneurs Globally: An Interview with Hasan AlMatrouk

Hasan AlMatrouk presents exciting ventures, a proposals portal by Jadeite Group created to invest and empower passionate entrepreneurs globally. Jadeite Group is a private equity and alternative investment company which focuses on real estate, food and beverage, consumer products, e-commerce and technology.

Catering Market in Kuwait – Overview by Alghanim Catering

“For now, there is a good amount of potential. Government contracts are the cornerstone of all catering companies that deal in Kuwait and want to generate large amounts of revenue. Government contracts now and what we have seen over the past several decades are quite consistent in terms of catering,” says Badder Al-Ghanim, CEO (Board Member) of Alghanim Catering (Al-Awama Group).

Chocolate Bar’s Nouf Almutawa: “Chocolate Bar is Our Happy Hour in Kuwait”

“Bon Group is the company which owns Chocolate Bar. Chocolate Bar is a café that serves all kinds of chocolate drinks and chocolate desserts. Everything is made fresh every day. It came out of a passion of mine and of my partner’s; we are both females and we both love chocolate! Who doesn’t love chocolate?!,” says Nouf Almutawa, Founder of Chocolate Bar (Bon Group).

Kuwait Logistics Market in 2017 – 26th Top Emerging Logistics Market Globally

“The Index is a relative comparison of different countries based on objective matrices and indices. With respect to Kuwait, when comparing the country to much larger markets like China and India, Kuwait is at a disadvantage given that it is a smaller market. Larger economies will have more interest as logistics destinations,” says Tarek Sultan, Vice Chairman and CEO of Agility.

HOT Engineering Co. Kuwait: Projects Overview

“In the construction and contracting field in Kuwait, the oil and gas sector is our biggest area. Currently, in terms of construction, we are working on a new refinery project that is supervised by Kuwait Integrated Petrochemical Industries Co. (a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation) and Gathering Centers Number 30 and 31 by Kuwait Oil Company (KOC). The total cost of these projects is around 10 billion KD,” says Nawaf A. Al Sharhan, GM – Business Development & Tendering of HOT Engineering Co.

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