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Talal Al Ibrahim Gives an Overview Aljawda: A Leading Fruits and Vegetables Provider in Kuwait

Talal Al Ibrahim gives an overview of Aljawda, a company made up of 200 investors, gathering farmers, farm owners, restaurants, restaurant groups, consumers, etc., in one entity. Aljawda makes it possible to order and buy quality fruits and vegetables online through the Aljawda app. From greens to onions, tomatoes, cotton candy grapes and baby mangoes, the fruits and vegetables wholesaler offers a wide range of products.

Marketing and Communication: Riham Alayyar Presents Kuwaiti Marketing Firm Philosophy

Riham Al Ayyar presents Philosophy, a Kuwaiti marketing firm she established in 2015. Philosophy has a communication arm under it dealing with advertising, social media and PR. Riham Alayyar also discusses challenges to be faced, success stories, competitive advantages, and shares her vision for the next two to three years, as well as her inspiration.

Discussing Ecommerce Solutions in Kuwait and the GCC with Salem Marafi, Co-Founder of Ordable

Salem Marafi shares his assessment of the ecommerce sector in Kuwait and presents Ordable, an online platform integrated with delivery providers, payment providers and inventory management systems, that cater to local business needs. Ordable services customers in every GCC country, namely Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, Oman, and Qatar.

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