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E-Commerce, Logistics and Property Development in Kuwait: Ali AlMatrouk Presents Jadeite Group

Ali AlMatrouk presents Jadeite Group, a respected Kuwaiti closed shareholding company specialized in property development, e-commerce and logistics. Jadeite Group is known for establishing exciting ventures in other areas than real estate and companies such as TONS e-grocery and Porter Express are now becoming a household name in Kuwait.

Financing Development Projects in Developing Countries: An Interview with Abdulwahab Al-Bader of Kuwait Fund

Abdulwahab Al-Bader, Director General of the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, gives an overview of the Fund. Kuwait Fund was the first institution in the Middle East to take an active role in the international development efforts. The object of Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development is to assist Arab and other developing countries in developing their economies by financing development projects.

KAMCO Invest: Asset Management and Investment Banking in Kuwait and the GCC Region

Faisal Mansour Sarkhou shares his analysis of the capital markets sector in Kuwait and the GCC and discusses the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on KAMCO Invest and the sector. He also shares his perspective for the future of the financial sector in Kuwait and the GCC region and gives an overview of KAMCO Invest, the fifth largest asset manager in the region.

Kuwait Resources House: A Leading Provider of HR Solutions and Integrated Logistics Services

Mohammad E. Al-Muaili gives an overview of KRH (Kuwait Resources House). Before being a globally built company serving the CENTCOM region, KRH started its journey in providing logistics services to the defense industry in 1991. Today KRH is a turnkey solutions provider delivering on its core business pillars: HR solutions, integrated logistics services and its very own KRH Academy.

Discussing Mobile Telecom Services in Kuwait with Benoit Janin of Virgin Mobile Middle East and Africa

Benoit Janin shares his assessment of the mobile telecom services sector in Kuwait and gives an overview of Virgin Mobile Middle East and Africa, the leading mobile virtual network operator in the MENA region. He also talks about investment opportunities in the telecom industry and shares his medium term vision for Virgin Mobile in Kuwait.

Jadeite’s Proposals Portal to Empower Passionate Entrepreneurs Globally: An Interview with Hasan AlMatrouk

Hasan AlMatrouk presents exciting ventures, a proposals portal by Jadeite Group created to invest and empower passionate entrepreneurs globally. Jadeite Group is a private equity and alternative investment company which focuses on real estate, food and beverage, consumer products, e-commerce and technology.

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