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Kuwait Top Banks

Marcopolis.net has been ranking the top banks in Kuwait since 2010, regularly updating the list according to the latest available Kuwait’s banking sector data. Which bank is Kuwait’s biggest Bank? Which one is the best bank in Kuwait? The following list ranks Kuwait’s top banks by assets. Traditionally, the largest bank in Kuwait is NBK, followed by Gulf Bank and Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait. View our latest ranking of banks in Kuwait.

Kuwait IT Companies | List of Top IT Companies in Kuwait

Listed as the third largest computer market within the Gulf region, Kuwait is expected to have favorable IT conditions this year. According to the Business Monitor “the country is projected to spend over $900 million in 2012 within the IT sector alone, which is a 9% increase from previous years. Due to high oil revenue, Kuwait is one of the most advanced IT states in the region.”

Industrial Companies in Kuwait | List of Top 10 Industry Companies

The list will inlude the list of major non-petrochemical industrial companies in Kuwait. The industry in Kuwait is dominated by the petrochemical industry (for the list of petrochemical industry companies follow the link).


According to NBK Capital the industrial sector’s share of Kuwait’s total GDP remains small, at under 10%. The break up of the sector is (Refining industry 27%, Construction Industry 21%, Manufacturing Industry 22% and Chemicals 10%)

Retail Companies in Kuwait | 5 Largest Retailers in Kuwait

View the top Retail Companies in Kuwait. According to BMI Kuwait’s nominal GDP is predicted to be US$159.3bn in 2011, with 2010’s growth rate of 1.9% expected to increase to 3.4% as the economy continues its recovery. Average annual GDP growth of 3.9% is forecasted between 2011 and 2015. With the population estimated to rise from 2.9mn in 2011 to 3.2mn by the end of the forecast period, GDP per capita is predicted to grow 12.6% to US$61,283 by 2015. This development should have positive effect on the retail sector in Kuwait. 

Hospitals in Kuwait | 5 Largest Hospitals in Kuwait

In addition to that there are 13 private hospitals with the capacity of 964 beds (6 of which contain over 100 beds, and 7 of which contain less than 100 beds). Kuwait has only 19 beds per 10000 people compared to 39 in the UK. in March 2011, the government officially launched the Kuwait Health Assurance Company (KHAC). View the largest hospitals in Kuwait. 

The public sector is the largest provider of Healthcare in Kuwait and constitutes around 90% of the market in number of beds and services. The trend to shift the services from the public sector to the private, in the areas where the pubic is not efficient enough (plastic surgery).

Universities in Kuwait | Top Public and Private Universities

Top Universities in Kuwait are Kuwait University and some private universities. One of the major challenge for the education sector in Kuwait is demographics. Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) estimates the 1.1 mn strong Kuwaiti population to grow at an average 3% over the next 3 years. Meaning that for the foreseeable future, there will be large numbers of young people coming into an educational system that has not yet been geared up to prepare sufficiently for that increase in student population.

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