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Insurance Companies in Kuwait | List of Largest Insurers

Insurance sector seems to have a bright future. According to OBG “there appear to be several unique to Kuwait catalysts in the medium term future that will help expand the local appetite for insurance: a large scale, multi-year government spending plan, potential legal changes to

 make more forms of insurance mandatory, an overhaul of the current system for medical insurance for expatriate workers, privatisation of currently uninsured government assets and overhaul of the countries insurance laws.” Furthermore Global Investment House reports that Kuwait has the lowest penetration rate as a percentage of premium income to GDP. (0.48%, Saudi Arabia 1%, UAE 1.8%).
The insurance sector is expected to rise significantly in Kuwait, as the concept of insurance is now spreading in the market, and more individuals and entities are adapting it. According to Capital Standards ” Gross premiums written (GPW) in Kuwait posted an impressive 11-year compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.9% since 1999. The high growth rate attracted new players and consequently, the competitive landscape of the industry underwent sea change. The total number of insurers in Kuwait currently stands at 31 – 20 Kuwaiti companies, 7 Arabian companies and 4 foreign insurers.”

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