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Kuwait is Prioritizing Youth Development – Exclusive Interview with Dr Yousef Al-Ibrahim (Al Diwan Al Amiri)

“With the vision of His Highness the Emir, quite a long time ago Kuwait started to pay a lot of attention to the youth and tried to help them get on the path to be a positive power in society instead of a destructive power in society. Mainly through the Amiri Diwan, we started to be catalysts for many projects.”

Kuwait’s GDP Growth, Budget Deficit, and Oil Prices in 2017

“I have a friend who is a specialist in oil, he said to me “if you ask me tomorrow what would be the price of oil, I would not judge it”. In the past, if you remember, the oil prices in a week or even a month could go up or down by 50 cents or maximum by a US dollar, but now they can drop or rise by one US dollar or by three,” says Bader Al Humaidhi, Former Minister of Finance.

Economy: The Biggest Challenge for Kuwait

Actually it’s a very crucial time for all the oil exporting countries, but mainly for my country Kuwait. As you quite rightly said, I was talking about the subject even when I was the Minister of Finance in 2006/2007. I was worrying about the point at which the oil prices would drop.  A drop which is out of our hands and that’s what is happening now. Gentlemen, last night I was even checking with the Minister of Oil of Kuwait and I was also checking with one of our oil experts about the price of our oil at close of day on Friday. It is 54. 54, six months ago it was 100. So what does that mean for our budget?

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