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E-Commerce, Logistics and Property Development in Kuwait: Ali AlMatrouk Presents Jadeite Group

Ali AlMatrouk presents Jadeite Group, a respected Kuwaiti closed shareholding company specialized in property development, e-commerce and logistics. Jadeite Group is known for establishing exciting ventures in other areas than real estate and companies such as TONS e-grocery and Porter Express are now becoming a household name in Kuwait.

Kuwait’s Real Estate Market in 2017 – Outlook by Al Hamra Real Estate Company

“At this point the lowering of the oil prices and the deficit that we are going through has had a marginal effect on the real estate sector. As we all know, the real estate sector here in Kuwait has been the backbone for the non-oil revenue here in the country. I have personally been seeing a good demand over the past two years in the commercial properties throughout Kuwait,” says Mohammed Al Matook, Acting GM of Al Hamra Real Estate Company.

Hessa Al Mubarak Project and Other 2017 Real-Estate Projects by Ahmadiah Contracting

“Projects that are under execution with the private sector include a 300,000m2 commercial development in the south of Kuwait called the Al Kout project. This is a retail project connected to a hotel we had built a few years back called the Rotana Hotel, connected to another mall that we had built in early 2007,” says Elie N. Hani, Deputy CEO of Ahmadiah Contracting.

Fast Track, Design Development Projects in Kuwait – by Ahmadiah Contracting

“We are known to work on fast track, design development projects. We started that process back in the 70s with one of the real estate companies called Salhia Real Estate. We did the Salhia Mall that is still considered to be the mall with a very large number of prime brands like Louis Vuitton and others,” says Elie N. Hani, Deputy CEO of Ahmadiah Contracting.

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