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Delivery Sector in Kuwait: Porter Express to Become a Dominant Last Mile and Fulfillment Provider in the Region

Porter Express is a courier and fulfillment service provider in Kuwait. It offers technologically advanced courier and fulfillment solutions to SMEs and corporations allowing them to focus on what matters most to them. The company is now looking forward to becoming a dominant last mile and fulfillment provider in the region.

E-Commerce, Logistics and Property Development in Kuwait: Ali AlMatrouk Presents Jadeite Group

Ali AlMatrouk presents Jadeite Group, a respected Kuwaiti closed shareholding company specialized in property development, e-commerce and logistics. Jadeite Group is known for establishing exciting ventures in other areas than real estate and companies such as TONS e-grocery and Porter Express are now becoming a household name in Kuwait.

Kuwait Logistics Market in 2017 – 26th Top Emerging Logistics Market Globally

“The Index is a relative comparison of different countries based on objective matrices and indices. With respect to Kuwait, when comparing the country to much larger markets like China and India, Kuwait is at a disadvantage given that it is a smaller market. Larger economies will have more interest as logistics destinations,” says Tarek Sultan, Vice Chairman and CEO of Agility.

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