Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) Has 3 Centres That Encourage and Support Innovation

“We now have three centres in the college that encourage and support innovation. The first is the Project Based Learning (PBL) Centre. Its goal is to propagate learning through projects namely, experiential learning. The workshop is the starting point,” says Abdullah Al Sharhan, Chairman of Australian College of Kuwait (ACK).

“I myself believe that the future is for people who have knowledge, skills, and the right attitude toward the workplace. If ACK can produce this kind of individual, we will be helping not only the young people who are coming to the college, but the country as well,” says Abdullah Al Sharhan, Chairman of Australian College of Kuwait (ACK).

“It is there that the students learn how to measure, and to cut accurately, and how to put components together to create a project. Our students cannot graduate without having done a project that is approved by a committee of their instructors. They have to know what to do. Our teachers are being trained to be facilitators. In the end I want teachers to be mentors and that is why we strive toward a culture of care. Once a student recognises that his instructor is a mentor he listens to him because he knows that the instructor cares. A mentor does not treat a student as a number but as a client. At the end of the day all of us are making our living from the students. That is why at ACK we offer a student centred education.
The second is the Research Centre. The focus at this centre is on applied research. Part of our research is done jointly with ACK partners particularly our partner in Australia, Central Queensland University (CQU). The third centre is the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre of Excellence, dedicated to encouraging entrepreneurship.”

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