Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) “Goes Pink” to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Kuwait

The latest of ACK’s CSR efforts includes promoting breast cancer awareness throughout the month of October, the “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”.

Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) “Goes Pink” to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Kuwait

Kuwait, 26 October 2017

Throughout the month of October, formally recognized as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) focused on raising awareness on the importance of early detection and treatment of breast cancer.

As part of ACK awareness efforts, students and staff members were wearing pink bracelets and pink T-shirts to support Breast Cancer Awareness month and cancer survivors, in addition building decorations and social media posts were created to educate individuals about breast cancer and to encourage women and men not be afraid to get checked frequently and that early detection can save lives.

Raising awareness on this topic is important to the college and ACK strongly believes that it is responsible for taking an active role in educating its community and will continue to highlight essential issues that affect the community.

About Australian College of Kuwait (ACK):
Interview with Mr. Abdullah Al-Sharhan, Chairman of ACK: Experiential Learning at Australian College of Kuwait (ACK), the Pioneers of Education in Kuwait

In an exclusive interview for Marcopolis, Mr. Al-Sharhan elaborated on other recent CSR activities at ACK, inluding the “Smoking Awareness Initiative”:

“We started the initiative as a community service. Our students go to elementary schools (kindergarten and first grade) where they present their message in the form of pantomime and games to the children. Our students carry out simple experiments, and make videos that have an immediate impact on the children watching. Our students are very innovative. In addition, ACK engineering students made models to show how smoking affects the body and the environment. The granting of awards is an ongoing annual event. We know that young children are going to be affected if their parents smoke; hence the importance of programs delivered at schools.”

“ACK also convenes health days twice a year. These incorporate Smoking Awareness into their activities. These programs are encouraged by the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) and the Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) who give out prizes and sponsor the programs. Luckily ACK has been recognised as being effective.”

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