Principal Seema Nair Explains the Selection Process to Become a Teacher at DPS International Ghana

Seema Nair, Principal at DPS International Ghana, explains what the process for hiring teachers at DPSI is, in order for the school to maintain its position as a high quality learning institution.

“Selecting teachers is a very important process because we believe that teachers make the school. They are the ones who actually interact with the children, so we conduct thorough interview screenings with applicants and if we find that they are a confident communicator they move on to a classroom demonstration, which is followed by a question-and-answer session. Afterwards, there is an induction program for the new teachers where they get acquainted with the school philosophy, rules and regulations. That is a 10-day process that is conducted at the beginning of the academic year”, says Seema Nair.

ABOUT DPSI GHANA: DPSI was commenced in the year 2010 aiming for quality education and excellent learning, providing holistic, modern, comprehensive, technology-driven classes right from Creche to A Level. With the motto “Service Beyond Self”, DPSI strives to excel the needs of children in Ghana and its neighbouring countries.


  • ADDRESS: DPS International Ghana, Community 25, Tema, Ghana
  • CONTACT: (+233) 55 662 0540 / (+233) 54 435 3199 / (+233) 54 434 9579
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