Dr. James Orleans-Lindsay Explores Expansion Ventures Across West Africa with JL Properties

Dr. James Orleans-Lindsay, Executive Chairman of JL Holdings and CEO of JL Properties, discusses expansion plans outside Accra, Ghana.

“Initially, I ventured into real estate in London, having pursued my masters in Salford and my doctorate in Hertfordshire. However, I realized London did not need someone like me, and the impact I desired was not forthcoming. With too many individuals engaged in similar pursuits, I shifted my focus back to West Africa, Ghana, where I felt I could make a more significant contribution. I have also experimented with real estate ventures in Portugal, which yielded some profit last year. My overarching plan is to expand horizontally and become a key player in West Africa. Although we have encountered some challenges, particularly in French-speaking West Africa, where the pace of work and documentation processes differ significantly from Anglophone West Africa, I am committed to navigating these differences. While Francophone West Africa tends to have a more meticulous and slow documentation process, Anglophone West Africa relies more on the private sector for development, creating a distinct cultural contrast. I am particularly fond of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, and plan to stay there for an extended period. We have made significant progress, securing lands and necessary approvals. Our project in Achimota Golf hills, though initially seen as unconventional due to the site’s history as a dumping ground, has showcased our ability to transform spaces. We also have plans for changing the face of Treichville in Abidjan. In Sierra Leone, despite challenges with purchasing power, we are proceeding cautiously, learning from the overestimations made by pioneers. In terms of quality and attention to detail, I believe we are ahead of the curve in West Africa. Our expansion into Abuja, Nigeria, reflects our strategy of starting with locations that align closely with our projects in Accra. While Lagos is lucrative, it presents challenges that we plan to tackle in the future. Next year, we are set to develop projects in Abuja and other locations in West Africa, aiming to have a comprehensive footprint across the region. The key is horizontal expansion rather than vertical, focusing on West Africa rather than branching out globally to places like London or Porto”, says Dr. James Orleans-Lindsay.

ABOUT JL PROPERTIES: JL Properties is a real estate development company that specialises in building and selling residential unit developments at prime locations in Accra, Ghana. As a predominant real estate developer, JL Properties has over the years played and continues to take a major role in the expansion of the country’s housing and infrastructural needs, developing areas conforming to Town and Country Planning schemes, whilst contributing to the labor market.

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