JL Properties: Spearheading Affordable Real Estate Development to Foster Ghana’s Growth

Dr. James Orleans-Lindsay, Executive Chairman of JL Holdings and CEO of JL Properties, highlights the unique traits of Ghana’s premier real estate development firm.

“Our distinctiveness lies in two key factors: pricing and location. We pride ourselves on clear and transparent pricing and strategically selected locations. Another aspect that sets us apart is that we are the only real estate company with eight live sites simultaneously in different locations. This means that when a client approaches us, there is a high probability of finding a suitable property among the ongoing projects in areas like Spintex Road, Weija, Achimota, Achimota Mall, East Airport, East Legon, and Roman Ridge. We understand the Ghanaian market, and our tailor-made products cater to diverse preferences and budgets. Unlike some competitors who focus solely on luxury apartments, pricing them at $200,000 or more, we are committed to providing housing solutions for the people of this country. Our goal is not to linger on one project for years; instead, we aim to construct homes for the nation, achieving a remarkable pace of 200 homes per year. Recently, we have entered the apartment sector, initiating a project with 250 new apartments in Roman Ridge, priced at $64,800. This move has been met with skepticism from some, initially considering it a scam until they recognize the involvement of JL Properties, signifying our seriousness in entering this sector”, says Dr. James Orleans-Lindsay.

“Understanding our market, presenting what people want, and maintaining reasonability are key principles. We do not aim for exorbitant profit margins; our focus is on volumes, providing homes for everyone in Ghana. The housing shortfall of 1.7 to 2 million is not due to unavailability but rather pricing issues. Crossing the $100,000 mark for a home poses challenges as it surpasses the salary range of the average worker. Mortgage finance interest rates, exceeding 30%, further compound the issue for the average worker. I have advocated for a real estate fund from the government to support companies in building affordable housing, and I have seen news about its setup, although we are cautious and want to ensure its success before getting involved. While we have been invited to join the affordable housing scheme, we prefer to take our time and assess the situation thoroughly”, he adds.

ABOUT JL PROPERTIES: JL Properties is a real estate development company that specialises in building and selling residential unit developments at prime locations in Accra, Ghana. As a predominant real estate developer, JL Properties has over the years played and continues to take a major role in the expansion of the country’s housing and infrastructural needs, developing areas conforming to Town and Country Planning schemes, whilst contributing to the labor market.

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