Ghana Real Estate: An Overview of JL Properties, The Largest Innercity Developer in Accra

James Orleans-Lindsay, CEO at JL Properties, gives an overview of JL Holdings group, and presents JL Properties Ghana, the largest innercity developer in Accra.

“JL Properties Limited is a part of the JL Holdings group, which comprises of more than a dozen other companies. We have JL Plantations and JL Foods. We also have JL Côte d’Ivoire and JL Sierra Leone, which are both engaged in real estate development. Additionally, we have JL Togo, which is based in Lomé, and JL Nigeria, which is involved in real estate development in Abuja. We also have JL Properties in London, specifically in Waltham Abbey, as well as several other companies. However, our flagship business is JL Properties in Ghana, which was established in 2011. Our core business involves revitalizing unused lands such as disused areas and quarry sites, and turning them into gated communities, mainly residential ones. We are the largest innercity developers in Accra. Nobody builds more houses in the city proper than we do, and we are presently working on the biggest innercity development in the last 25 years, which is a project that will create 500 new homes in Achimota. Our success in real estate is primarily due to the model we have developed and executed. In a nutshell, we build in the heart of the city and do not venture beyond a certain point. This approach allows us to avoid issues related to commuting and other factors that can impact the desirability of a development. We have applied this mentality to great effect and have done very well in the real estate business”, says James Orleans-Lindsay.


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