Revolutionizing Construction in West Africa: JL Properties on Upcoming Projects and Innovations

Dr. James Orleans-Lindsay, Executive Chairman of JL Holdings and CEO of JL Properties, highlights groundbreaking advancements in construction and real estate, set to transform the framework of West Africa’s housing sector.

“The construction and real estate industry in West Africa has been traditionally conservative, relying heavily on standard block construction. While in Europe, the use of lighter materials like plasterboard is common, in Ghana, it is not widely accepted for house construction. Our goal is to introduce and educate our clients about innovative solutions, and one of the key initiatives is establishing a small concrete printing factory. Known as 3D concrete printing, this technology allows for faster construction, enabling the building of a three-bedroom house in two weeks or a four-bedroom house in three weeks. The cost efficiency is significant, as it is a programmed process, and the expenses associated with it constitute only 30% of the total budget. By utilizing robot-controlled machines, we aim to reduce the reliance on artisans, lower costs, and expedite construction, ultimately making housing more affordable”, says Dr. James Orleans-Lindsay.

“Additionally, in Accra, where dampness and capillary action are prevalent due to the city extending below sea level, we are setting up a dampness factory. This facility will produce dampness control products, addressing the issue and reducing the need for expensive reworks. Our commitment to improvement extends to collaborating with experts embedded in our company, such as Maltese and Portuguese professionals. The Portuguese specialists focus on finishing aspects, aiming to train our local workforce to apply European-standard finishing techniques correctly. The Maltese experts contribute to foundation works and the core shell aspects of construction. In essence, these initiatives are part of our ongoing pursuit of perfection, acknowledging that it is a gradual process requiring steady steps towards progress”, he adds.

ABOUT JL PROPERTIES: JL Properties is a real estate development company that specialises in building and selling residential unit developments at prime locations in Accra, Ghana. As a predominant real estate developer, JL Properties has over the years played and continues to take a major role in the expansion of the country’s housing and infrastructural needs, developing areas conforming to Town and Country Planning schemes, whilst contributing to the labor market.

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