Brazil Real Estate Sector: Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Maceio by Taboada Incorporadora

Luiz Paulo Taboada shares his assessment of the real estate sector in Maceio, Alagoas, and gives an overview of Taboada’s projects and upcoming plans, including Vista Lagoa and Angatu condominiums. He also talks about the challenges Taboada Incorporadora had to face during the pandemic and shares his vision for the future.

Interview with Luiz Paulo Taboada, Partner at Taboada Incorporadora

Luiz Paulo Taboada, Partner at Taboada Incorporadora

What is your competitive advantage in the market?

We are based in Maceio (Alagoas state) and we specialize in condominiums. We are also in Londrina (Paraná state). In Maceio, we have done about 20 to 25 different developments. Our experience in the real estate sector is very powerful, because we develop sites ourselves. Our company has a very strong name because of our work with allotments and condominiums in Class A and B. Our developments are constructed very well as we focus on infrastructure first and foremost. Our projects are typically built on lots of 7,000 square meters. Once we have all the approvals required, we start building and within three or four months we start to sell. We have funding for the developments before we start to sell, which is a safeguard for our customers. That is our major strongpoint.

What are the main attractions of northeastern Brazil for international investors?

Forbes magazine featured us in Maceio, the capital of Alagoas state, as offering the best real estate investment opportunities. Other cities in the northeast of Brazil have problems with construction companies and security. For the last five years in Maceio, there has been very good government administration. They have improved security, especially for tourists, so the city is now a place where there is more investment in second residences. That is because we have kept our prices cheaper than in other states in Brazil. In other cities like Rio de Janeiro, property prices are already maxed out and no other places in Brazil have beaches as beautiful as we do. If you search on Google, the most beautiful beaches in Brazil are in Alagoas. In the Brazilian Caribbean, we have a very safe city and state, as well as the cheapest prices in Brazil to live by the beach. If you buy in Aracaju, you will pay five or six times more than in Maceio, and that is the point. The security, the beautiful beaches and the infrastructure of the city, and we already have flights coming to Maceio from Europe. Tourism is doing better now with more people coming to Brazil because it is cheaper than other places.

What projects are you working on?

We have just finished a project called Vista Lagoa. Another new complex is Angatu condominiums and six months ago we put it on the market, and we have sold nearly 80% of our stock. There is a bit more infrastructure at Vista Lagoa with a beach club, tennis courts and soccer fields. We have two more developments to take to the market this year. One is a multi-property development, which will be sold in fractions. It will have 250 apartments by the beach and people can buy fractions of the apartments. At the back of that property, we are going to build 50 luxury houses that we will start to sell in August. And we have another Class A+ condominium that will have 40 lots with a minimum area of 600 square meters that we will start to sell it in July. That will be our next focus in Maceio. In the state of Parana, we are going to start to sell our development in June. It is a Class B condominium. We build multi-property developments because we feel that is what the Brazilian people want. They want to pay a little bit to have a small apartment or a small house by the beach. For $6,000, $7,000 or $8,000 you can have an apartment by the beach that you can use for 30 days a year.

Has the pandemic affected Taboada Incorporadora?

The pandemic presented an issue for us in the beginning because everyone was afraid to spend their money as they did not know how things would pan out. But we felt that they could not stay confined in small places for too long. They would want more luxury and bigger spaces for their kids to play in and that is what our company decided to look at. We think investing in condominiums is the way to go. The pandemic has been harmful for people all over the world, but it has showed us what people want to buy. We are sure that in the next eight to ten years we will still be doing this.

ABOUT TABOADA: Taboada Incorporadora is a Brazilian real estate development company which was founded in 2004. The construction company has several projects underway in Alagoas and Northern Paraná.


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