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Unicom Engenharia: Concrete Projection and Geotechnical Engineering

Denilson J. A. Bezerra de Menezes, Director-Partner at Unicom Engenharia
Denilson J. A. Bezerra de Menezes gives his assessment of the construction and engineering sector in Brazil and presents Unicom Engenharia. The company has been on the market for 18 years and is specialized in concrete projection by wet processing with dense flow, as well as geotechnical engineering.

MGM Construtora: Commercial and Industrial Construction in Brazil

Walter Bastos Cortes Filho, Director of MGM Construtora
Walter Bastos Cortes Filho gives an overview of the construction sector in Brazil and presents MGM Construtora, a company which was founded in 1978. Mr Bastos mentions some of MGM’s differentials and success cases, such as the Ethanol Terminal in Paulinia for Copersucar and the Mogi Shopping Mall.

Antonio Carmona Filho: Overview of the Civil Engineering Sector in Brazil

Antonio Carmona Filho, President of Exata Engenharia e Assessoria
Antonio Carmona Filho gives an overview of the civil engineering sector in Brazil and presents his company, Exata Engenharia e Assessoria, mentioning some of the currents projects but also success cases such as their famous elevated reservoir in Bahia and their study to repair the two biggest coal silos in the world in Colombia.

Aluizio D’Avila: 50 Years of Experience Within Construction in Brazil

Aluizio A. M. d’Avila, Director-Partner at Aluizio D’Avila
Aluizio A. M. d’Avila gives an overview of the structural projects sector in Brazil, focusing on reinforced and pre-tensioned concrete. He also presents his company, Aluizio D’Avila, mentioning its history, philosophy, main competitive advantages and some projects they are working on at the moment.

Construction in Brazil: Projects, Consulting and Construction Execution

Ivan de Oliveira Joppert Júnior, Director-Partner at Infraestrutura Engenharia
Ivan de Oliveira Joppert Júnior talks about projects, consulting and construction execution in Brazil, and presents Infraestrutura, mentioning some of its competitive advantages, philosophy and growth strategy. Mr Joppert also shares his vision for the future of the sector and the company.

CEC Cia. de Engenharia Civil: Civil Engineering Company in Brazil

Virgílio Augusto Ramos, Director of CEC Cia. de Engenharia Civil
Virgílio Augusto Ramos gives an overview of the civil engineering sector in Brazil and presents his company: CEC Cia. de Engenharia Civil. CEC was founded in 1987 and, up to this day, the company has projected around 180 million square feet, implementing projects for clients such as Petrobras, Hochtief, Método, Construcap, Fibra, etc.

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