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Brazil Economy: Discussing Privatization Programs with Deputy Minister Diogo Mac Cord de Faria

Deputy Minister Diogo Mac Cord de Faria discusses privatization programs in Brazil, including large privatization processes which are underway with major economic actors, including Eletrobras, the largest utility company in Latin America, and Correios, the largest Post Office in Latin America. He also talks about the real estate sector, mentioning the creation of real estate trust funds which will lead to tremendous investment opportunities in Brazil.

Trade Agro: International Commodity Trading Company in Brazil

Eduardo Figueiredo, Managing Director of Trade Agro
Eduardo Figueiredo gives his evaluation of the agriculture and agribusiness sector in Brazil and presents his company: Trade Agro. Mr Figueiredo gives an overview of the company’s philosophy and values, success cases and current projects, as well as his vision for the future of the sector in the next three years.

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