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Trade Agro: International Commodity Trading Company in Brazil

Eduardo Figueiredo, Managing Director of Trade Agro
Eduardo Figueiredo gives his evaluation of the agriculture and agribusiness sector in Brazil and presents his company: Trade Agro. Mr Figueiredo gives an overview of the company’s philosophy and values, success cases and current projects, as well as his vision for the future of the sector in the next three years.

Technes Agrícola: Organic Mineral Fertilisers and Soil Conditioners

Edson Kenji Tsuzuki, Director of Technes Agrícola
Edson Tsuzuki talks about the mineral fertilisers and soil and sub-soil conditioners segment in Brazil and gives an overview of his company, Technes Agrícola, mentioning its history, philosophy, success cases, growth strategy and challenges to be faced. Mr Tsuzuki also shares his vision for the future of the sector and Technes.

Brazilian Sugar Industry | Czarnikow: Sugar and Ethanol Trading

Tiago Medeiros, Regional Director of Czarnikow
Tiago Medeiros gives an overview of the sugar and ethanol sector in Brazil and presents Czarnikow, a British sugar and ethanol trading company that was founded over 150 years ago. Czarnikow operates on three main platforms: trading, supply chain management and advisory. The company is present in 89 countries and has more than 400 clients worldwide.

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