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Metal Ar is a company specialized in mining services and equipments which was founded in 1967 by Paulo Sérgio de Oliveira Dias and Celso Eduardo Mazzetti, both Directors and Partners of the company. Today, Metal Ar provides mining services to the main players in this industry, such as Vale, Inter Cement, Anglo America, Votorantim, Cif, etc. 

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Metal Ar

Av. Leôncio de Magalhães, 722
Jardim Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo

Tel: +55 (11) 2212 5277







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Metal Ar mining company

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Metal Ar Code of Ethics


Our company is run in a professional manner, with responsibility, honesty, fairness and transparency in order to ensure perpetuity. We act according to the law, internal rules and procedures. We maintain the confidentiality of all the information regarding out clients, suppliers and employees, as physical and intellectual properties. We do not use such information as an advantage, personally or for third parties. If compelled to disclose it, by law or judicial decision, we will previously inform the interested party and we will restrict its disclosure to the minimum necessary to comply with such order. We are committed to environmental preservation.

Metal Ar ethics

We disapprove of attitudes that:

Involve payments or receipts of objects or undue values ​​or characterized as bribery, corruption or similar, that are unacceptable and will be punished;

Involve the use of internal positions, functions or information to influence decisions and / or obtain any benefits, favors or advantages, personally or for third parties;

Practice or demonstrate any form of prejudice or discrimination based on race, color, origin, nationality, social class, sex, political choice, religious belief, age, physical disability or other special needs;

Intimidate, constrain as verbal, physical or psychological violence, as well as any form of harassment;

Explore slave and child labor, as well as any form of harm to human dignity.

Relationship with our Employees

Metal Ar recognizes the merit of each employee and provides opportunities for professional growth and development through procedures of Skills Management. Our priority is safety – as such we orient and require compliance with the Regulatory Standards and offer Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with Certificates, trainings and health – we maintain medical insurance for the employees, as well as for their dependents.

Metal Ar beliefs

The company has formalized the following:

Compensation: Through Internal Procedures of Positions and Salaries. Seeks to recognize performance in the job for which the employee was hired. Aims to ensure the transparency and reliability of existing positions in the company, as well as its compatibility with the conditions of the salaries of the market.

Individual Development – Personal and Professional: We believe that the development of the company depends directly on the development of its employees, as such we are always valuing and encouraging this growth.

Program of Results Sharing and Continuous Improvement: Values ​​and encourages entrepreneurship and personal responsibility to reach results.

Private Pensions: To ensure and complement the financial stability of our employees after retirement.

Metal Ar Association: Our goal is to assist in the educational and intellectual development and improvement of our employees’ children. As such, the association maintains various projects such as: reading, IT, toy library, crafting, guitar, among others, and has a library and internet access. Metal Ar Association also has an agreement with the Scelisul Faculty (Cajati). Read more…

Metal Ar Equipments


Dumper Truck



Water Truck



Rock Drill



Hydraulic Excavator



Motor Grader



Skid Steer Loader



Hydraulic Breaker



Crawler Tractor



Support Fleet




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International Recognition

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More control in the operation of the mine

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