Five5: Real Estate, Construction and Housing Developments in Brazil

André Mouaccad, Director of Five5
André Mouaccad gives his evaluation of the real estate sector in Brazil and presents Five5, a company acting in the business segments of real estate, construction and housing developments, mentioning some success cases, such as Sky Corporate and Trix Tamboré, as well as current projects under development.

Interview with André Mouaccad, Director of Five5

André Mouaccad

How would you evaluate the real estate sector in Brazil?

The real estate market in Brazil grew a lot in the past few years. At first, it grew due to the power of our economy and afterwards it grew due to the lack of housing. There is a huge demand for new houses and the market is still growing.

Five5 as a developer has already presented different businesses on the market and it has been able to bring aesthetic, quality, usability and rationality together. In two years, we hope to be better as a company; become even more professional than we are today and keep on launching innovative products for the real estate market.

Could you tell us a little bit about the company’s history?

Five5 is an engineering company founded by engineers. Our business segments are construction, real estate and housing developments. In all those segments, we always think about the usability and the rationality of the projects that we are going to carry out.

Five5 has been on the real estate market for 10 years. During this time, Five5 built shopping centers, corporate buildings, buildings with Leed certificates from the USGBC, and the company has been always up-to-date with the new technologies and with differentiated products for the real estate market, always thinking about our clients satisfaction by giving them the highest quality products.

How would you define the competitive advantage of the company?

Five5’s proposal is innovation. Our idea is to innovate in every product, in every venture, from the project phase to the building phase. That has been well demonstrated by our record of accomplishment.


We are launching housing developments in which we thought about the quality of life, the preservation of green areas, sustainability, the reuse of rain water (already thinking about the shortage of water that affects the entire world), energy saving, building automation, etc.

Last year we launched a mixed-use product with housing, stores and commercial spaces to avoid the displacement of people around the town, to avoid the traffic jams that occur in the major city centers.

Our main advantage is to produce a good planning to reach a high quality in construction.

Which are the success cases of the company?

I can highlight a success case in each area of performance.

In the segment of commercial buildings, we have an intelligent building (Sky Corporate) with Leed certification and with 538,000 ft2 of built area. It is a project by a Brazilian architect Júlio Neves and Arquitectonica, a famous American architecture office.

In the segment of shopping centers, we have a shopping center in Itapecerica da Serra, Sao Paulo, that reuses rainwater and treats sewage water, so that it will not overstress the city sewage system.

In the segment of real estate, we launched several projects with the inclusion of housing and stores in just one place.

real estate in Brazil

In the area of housing developments, we made a very interesting project Trix Tamboré in the city of Santana de Parnaiba, Sao Paulo, which was a success in terms of sales called. Trix Tamboré is situated in front of the Natural Reserve of Tambore and has housing, offices and stores. For the conception of this project, Five 5 thought of preservation and welfare of the local community to develop each detail.

Still in the area of housing, we made Tambore Bauru, in the city of Bauru, Sao Paulo. It has a health club, a semi-Olympic pool, a sports center, integration areas, squares, a lot of green zones, etc. All of that in the search of quality of life for our buyers.

In all these projects, we value the quality of life of the residents, we think about the environment through the reuse of the energy resources and through the rational management and reuse of water. In all those cases, the products are innovative and are made to be part of the surrounding environment.

Can you talk about the projects you are working on?

We are working on commercial projects, big office buildings, housing projects (apartments with few ft2 for young people, single people, newlyweds, with several common areas to have these people getting in touch with one another as it used to happen before).

What is the company’s growth strategy?

The company works with two types of funds: the funds belonging to the company’s partners and funds from partners that we are able to attract for each business. We have investor-partners that believe in the real estate market, in urban development and in our market intelligence and engineering.

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Since you are always looking for partners, what would be your message to a possible investor?

Our expertise, not only in the incorporation and in the urban development, but also in the provision of services, allows us to ensure a supply of a good service to those investors through reports, budgets and construction schedules.

Which are your company’s challenges?

Our main challenge is to keep growing around 20% each year while maintaining our product quality.

What is your vision for the sector 5 years from now?

The real estate market in Brazil is very regulated by the environmental laws, by the lack of personnel on the public bodies for the approval of the projects, and that has disturbed the development of the sector. I believe that the state and the municipal and federal governments are trying to improve the situation.

Brazil is a fertile ground for real estate businesses, and infrastructure in general, because we are a young country that needs investment, engineering, jobs, and it needs to offer better equipment to its citizens.

What is your vision for the company two years from now?

housing developments in Brazil

Five5 as a developer has already presented different businesses on the market and it has been able to bring aesthetic, quality, usability and rationality together.

In two years, we hope to be better as a company; become even more professional than we are today and keep on launching innovative products for the real estate market.

What would be your advice to possible foreign investors?

To operate in Brazil a foreign investor must be surrounded by good companies. Due to the complicated legislation we have, it is difficult to come to Brazil and try to do business alone. Several foreign investors made successful partnerships with Brazilian companies.

I see that Brazil is still a country with great future for foreign investments.


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