Upcoming Hotel in Nairobi: Lorenzo Baleri Presents Trademark by Tribe Hotel

Lorenzo Baleri, Pre-Opening General Manager, gives an overview of the upcoming hotel located at the Village Market in Nairobi: Trademark by Tribe Hotel.

Interview with Lorenzo Baleri, Pre-Opening General Manager at Trademark by Tribe Hotel

Lorenzo Baleri, Pre-Opening General Manager at Trademark by Tribe Hotel

What is your professional background?

My background is mainly in hospitality. I spent many years in South Africa running mid-market and upmarket hotels. Previous to that, I ran the Crowne Plaza in Nairobi for three years. Most recently, I worked for the Emir of Qatar running his palaces in Morocco, Oman, and Doha. That was probably one of the biggest highlights of my career.

Could you give us an overview of Trademark by Tribe Hotel?

The hotel is comprised of 215 rooms. They are very spacious and conform to international standards. The hotel is quite focused on serving a wide variety of the market segmentation, this includes not only many of the corporate and non-governmental organizations, but also the much smaller markets such as leisure and other business. The hotel has ample conference facilities and we are able to accommodate up to 500 people with multifaceted food and beverage offerings held to international standards. Our focus is on benefitting the new shopping center and vice versa. It really gives the customers the “one stop shop” experience. The mall has a gym and an Olympic-sized swimming pool with spectacular views on the ninth floor. It gives our guests many options to experience the magic of Kenya and the local people and local hospitality. The location is fantastic and quite convenient in terms of ease of travel to the city center, as well as to the airport.

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